We at Furaat Bustaan Enterprise deal in all types of trolley wheels and castors. We have a range of Indian and imported trolley wheels and castors. Trolley wheels come in sizes ranging from 1" upto 16" . They come in different materials such as rubber, nylon, polymer and Polyurethane. Different types of attachment like plate, piller or pin are also available. Castors include industrial castors, furniture castors, heavy duty castors.  We also have readily available wheelbarrows, both light duty and heavy duty types. The light duty ones are used in gardening, nurseries, shifting soil and dirt and other light works, while the heavy duty ones are used in building and construction works. We also undertake orders for various other types of trolleys like platform trolley, sack trolley, barrel trolley, cylinder trolley, etc., which can be customised as per the customers requirements.