Fountain Nozzles Manufacturer in India

Order online water fountain, fountain for your home, garden, farmhouse, hotel, or resort in India. We at Furaat Bustaan Enterprise, Bangalore, pride ourselves as one of the best in the industry for supplying all types of fountain nozzles, Ball Dandelion Fountain, fountain nozzle heads, fountain pumps, and fountain kits. We also design, implement and install indoor and outdoor fountain/water body projects as per customer requirements.

Range of Fountain Nozzles

We have a complete range of indoor and outdoor fountain-related accessories and pumps. The various types of fountain nozzles that we deal in are Single Jet or Vertical Jet Nozzles, Foam Nozzles, Cascade Nozzles, Bell or Umbrella Nozzles, Cluster Jet Nozzles, Vulcan or Crown Jet Nozzles, Tulip Nozzles, Fan Jet Nozzles, Finger Jet Nozzles, Revolving Nozzles, Waterfall Nozzles or Sheet Fall Nozzles and many more. These are available in materials such as Aluminium, Brass (gunmetal), or Stainless Steel. They come in various commonly used BSP thread sizes which can be easily assembled in any type of arrangement. We have a wide range of Indian and imported submersible fountain pumps, both for indoor and outdoor usage. Some come with inbuilt LED lights for added attraction. These pumps can also be used in small ponds in the garden to produce amazing water as well as sound effects. There are also ready-to-use fountain kits available which are very easy to install and can be used indoors as well as outdoors in garden ponds or other water bodies. A fountain does not just add a beautification factor to your home or garden, but the sight and sound of flowing water have amazing soothing effects on all individuals. Fountain nozzles are devices used in fountains to control the flow and shape of the water. They are typically connected to a pump and plumbing system, which circulates water through the nozzle to create various water patterns and shapes. Some of the most common types of fountain nozzles include:  

Types of Nozzles

  1. Geyser nozzle: produces a tall, narrow jet of water
  2. Bell nozzle: produces a wide, bell-shaped spray of water
  3. Fan nozzle: produces a wide, flat sheet of water
  4. Tier nozzle: produces a cascading sheet of water
  5. Mushroom nozzle: produces a round, mushroom-shaped spray of water
  6. Fire nozzle: produces a flame-like effect by mixing air with water
  7. Rainbow nozzle: creates a rainbow-like effect by refracting light through the water spray
The type of nozzle used in a fountain will depend on the desired look and function of the fountain. Some fountains may use a combination of different nozzle types to create a unique and dynamic display of water. Fountain nozzles can be made from a variety of materials, including brass, stainless steel, and plastic. When choosing a fountain nozzle, it is important to consider factors such as flow rate, water pressure, and compatibility with the pump and plumbing system. Below are fountain product and description: