Cascade Nozzle

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Cascade Fountain Nozzle

The most desirable and exquisite fountain water effect has been improved. The Cascade Jet is a heavy-duty Stainless Steel injector-type nozzle that creates a smooth, yet enormous, conical-shaped column of highly aerated frothy water. Inside this powerful jet, water and air mix to form a dynamic, highly visible, and wind-resistant water column. These nozzles, whether utilized in groups or individually, create breathtaking vistas in any public space, like buildings outdoor, gardens, floating fountains & Lakes.

Quick overview of Cascade Jet Nozzle features:

Outdoor installation is necessary. This effect is perfect for large and medium-sized displays because of its high and thick curved water jet. Can be seen from a far, especially in floating fountains and lakes.

  • GUN METAL/SS304 construction
  • Independent of water level

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