About Us

Furaat Bustaan Enterprise introduces itself as a leading business of Fountain Nozzles, Fountain kits and accessories, Garden Tools and equipment. We are also prime manufacturers of Submersible swimming pools and fountain LED lights. Our focus is to supply our customers with high-quality equipment at the best imaginable price and be the pioneer in the market trend, technology, efficiency, design and achieve customer satisfaction with fair and honest trade.

We supply all types of fountain nozzles and accessories and undertake contracts to build indoor and outdoor fountains crafted as per the customer’s choice. We offer a well-rounded selection of garden fountains, wall fountains, and custom-made fountains to suit your unique sense of style. We take the challenge to deliver you the best service and product within the budget of your interest.

We house a wide range of imported and quality gardening tools at a very competitive price. We have varieties of Shears, Pruners, Loppers, Watering hoses, Matchets, Snake Rescue Tools/ Snake Catchers, Shovels, Rakes, and much more.

We manufacture quality Submersible LED lights for Swimming pools and Fountains. The LED lights are available in single color or multicolor, in various patterns, styles, and wattages. We strive to meet your expectations by offering you the best quality LED Lights at affordable prices.   

We are committed to delivering top-notch customer service with the understanding that our customers are the reason we are here. Furaat Bustaan promises its customers quality with a reliable on-time commitment, overall consistency in meeting customers’ expectations, and a trustworthy relationship. We work on the belief that ‘Customer is King’